Creating music is a creative job and JUIC3 is genuinely a creative person and defines music at its best. there is no doubt that JUIC3 is a gifted and hardworking artist. Throughout the course of her musical career, JUIC3 has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walksContinue Reading

NIGHT CREED is SONIC JOY Record’s new Urban – HipHop – Electronic project. NIGHT CREED epitomizes a unique sound and style that could be described as intense, full of passion and inspiring moods, providing a massive listening experience. It features powerful, complex rhythms, ultra-modern styles and last but not leastContinue Reading

Artist name: GLVNI (Pronounced Galvani) Song name: la_chitarra State: Sweden, Stockholm The date my song was made: 2019-10-19 Social media: Twitter: Instagram: Soundcloud: Artist biography: Isak ‘GLVNI’ Khamrayev, is your typical bedroom musician – only dreaming about the mainstages. Unlike some of his peers GLVNI is notContinue Reading

RnB & Electro-Dance enriched by ecstatic rhythms meets world-class vocalists! SONIC JOY Records and producer & songwriter John Meisel initiated the MYSTIC FLOWERS project to surround the listeners with elegance, bliss and timeless beauty, via highly melodic and danceable songs that feature a multitude of fantastic studio singers. MYSTIC FLOWERSContinue Reading

Artist name: Baesar Full Bio Press release: 27 years old North London UK Baesar. An artist who brings to life the environment and lifestyle of an area in the UK just outside of North London within the ‘Three Counties’, which is rapidly growing, on the rise and gaining recognition. BaesarContinue Reading

artist name – Caesare’ song – Show and Prove state – Texas year of song – 2019 twitter – instagram – facebook – youtube – soundcloud – Bio – Caesare’ not new to music, after a failed development deal, decided to put focus into aContinue Reading

Artist name: The Real J Israel Song title: I Love You The smooth voice of The Real J. Israel is sure to put anyone in the mood to love and even reminisce on love. The song “I Love You” starts with clear acoustic sounds of theContinue Reading

Album STINKY FEET  Songwriters: Ming / Ben Cohen Produced by: Ben Cohen Lyrics: There’s something keeping me questioning, talking I laugh as if doom is coming and make it sound like an ending There’s something pushing me doubting, and leading I respond as if the story’s stillContinue Reading

The move to Nashville inspired a whole new space for creating new music that’s more aligned with the artist Kfhox has become: bold, free spirited, and a pen game that’s evolved over 10 years of being on the live music circuit in NYC and beyond. It also fuses her loveContinue Reading

With globalization and the world getting smaller, people move from place to place and bring Y’Man Dog music along with them. As world music gains popularity, Y’Man Dog world music concerts or festivals become a trend in different parts of the world. People from different cultural backgrounds come to knowContinue Reading