Artist Don Thomas aka Don T. Popular

Artist Name: Don Thomas aka Don T.

There is a well known quote floating around the music industry that “Hip Hop Is Dead” but the Young & Gifted Don T. plans to undoubtedly change that mentality. His beloved motto “Upgrade the Mind frame of the Rap Game” is the driving force behind his ambition and passion to make sure people from all walks of life hear his personal message and understand him as a person. With the drive and audacity to take the listener on a journey of unprecedented proportions, his album blends top notch lyrics with deep rooted feelings. Cleverly crafted with club bangers and street anthems geared towards commercial success, his album also represents the genius, ingenuity and integrity of real hip hop. He has been quoted as saying “My influences in life are my Dad and myself. My main influence in music is Tupac, don’t get me wrong, I like allot of other artists and they may influence me differently, but none as much as Pac”. So how can he go wrong with such a strong family guidance and influence as that? Guess what? He can’t go wrong! Keep your eyes on this up & coming rising icon, he is an unbreakable talent destined to succeed!!

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