TheoryH20 first step into music was when he was 8 where he experimented with many instruments until he fell in love with drums which lead to the love of hip hop starting out with production an having no one to rhyme over his beats he began to write lyrics anContinue Reading

A motivational clock themed song containing voiced female lyrics and uplifting dance music. This melodic techno track contains hidden clock related sounds. It contains subliminal sounds from Big Ben, an off beat realtime ticking clock, and other hidden clock themed sounds, how many can you hear? reblGreen is the artistContinue Reading

Artist: Darrell Kelley Release: Violence And Hate Genre: R&B/Soul Label: Viral Records  With last month’s release of Darrell Kelley’s blazing “Gun Reform” (released worldwide on the Viral Records label) that decried the raging gun violence plaguing the United States, Mr. Kelley, originally from Boston, MA but currently residing inContinue Reading

All I Got by VerseBorn x Flamingo Fred VerseBorn and Flamingo Fred combine forces as Team KonQuest, to bring us “All I Got”, a fresh off the press slumper that will keep your trunk rattling just in time for summer! Take a listen and go support the Bay Area collective/labelContinue Reading

The people have spoken and they want more of Bay Area emcee and music producer, VerseBorn! This amazing artist just recently dropped another underground hiphop single entitled, “Distractions”, and its catching a buzz across blogs and playlists! This track starts out abrupt- cutting through from the intro with a hardContinue Reading

Steeped in a deep nostalgia, Graffiti Welfare’s “Volume” stuns with its acute attention to detail. A mixture of synth-pop, rock, and dance, there is a grandeur to the way that the piece creates a sense of longing. The color infused within the arrangement gives it a neon-glow to it. LyricsContinue Reading

rachett shotty ft young kazh latest video bc slime out of vancouver bc spent most my 20s in jail writting raps got out started following my dreams changing my lifestyle with music and trying to feed my 2 kids off my dreams of music singel father staying on theContinue Reading

C-ZO STR8 Outta The Crossroads Of America! ‘Hated By Many Loved By Few’ C-ZO · HEAVY STR8 Outta The Crossroads Of America! ‘Hated By Many Loved By Few’ #CEZOMUSIC #RECORDS STREAMING EVERYWHERE! CONTACT: LISTEN | LIKE | COMMENT | REPOST | FOLLOW