Samuel Makanda – Touch The Starz Makanda Records is what I believe in.  Official music video for Samuel Makanda “Touch The Starz”‘. Click to listen to Samuel Makanda now: Follow Samuel Makanda Instagram: Website: Facebook: Subscribe to Samuel Makanda on YouTube: ——— Lyrics: (Hmmmmmm)Continue Reading

Remember the time when we were all locked in? Corona Virus and Covid 19? Did anyone make a good dance music track out of it without sampling a leader’s voice? Well, here’s the story from the eyes of the lockdown mental asylum patients! Track 02: Planet Pandemonium – from theContinue Reading

Flamingo Fred flies through once again, this time dropping off a nostalgic hip-hop banger entitled “Bruce Leroy”. From the well-balanced production and creative instrumentation, to the authentic vocal performance, fans of Flamingo Fred, as well as those who appreciate new music, will definitely want to hear this single. Make sureContinue Reading

With globalization and the world getting smaller, people move from place to place and bring Y’Man Dog music along with them. As world music gains popularity, Y’Man Dog world music concerts or festivals become a trend in different parts of the world. People from different cultural backgrounds come to knowContinue Reading

Artist Name:The Deadbeat Cousins Page title:The Deadbeat Cousins Since forming in Phoenix, Arizona in 2017, The Deadbeat Cousins have been making a name for themselves, claiming spots in festivals and sharing the stage with national acts including Dirty Honey, Blac Rabbit, Dreamers, and others. The musical writing style of theContinue Reading

A holiday in Ibiza spain might start with party but has lot more to it, such as pine forests, ancient UNESCO acknowledged town, amazing village beauty and a great cuisine. Ibiza travel Experince is more of a summer destination with its beaches and nightlife being acknowledged by tourists. Exploring Ibiza,Continue Reading