MZ RYME – The Dark Album Truth & Lies

MZ Ryme spits verses with pure fire on the soulful stories of “The Dark Album Truth & Lies”. Incredibly confessional he quite literally shares his life with the listener. Ups and downs, navigating relationships, life, and more, there is a fullness to the approach. Stylistically the production has a raw grit to it one that holds nothing back. Yet the true star of the entire journey proves to be his own ability to offer a completely realistic approach to his own experience. Everything here feels highly relatable, whether it is what a person goes through during the darker days in life or simply the heartbreak that comes with being cheated on.

Within the sound he takes a few different approaches. On the old school side of things he brings up imagery of A Tribe Called Quest’s ability to share the innermost personal details of a life. Here they dive deep too into a sort of mixture of loss and the hardship that comes with trying to move forward yet finding nothing but resistance. At least in this sense they bring about some of Kendrick Lamar’s spirit, unflinching honesty, and ability to craft a series of stories that intermingle to create something truly memorable. By taking on a rather hard-hitting and streamlined approach, this further emphasizes the power of his vocals. Mixed front and center of the sound they have a poignancy to them.

Beats go for a deep bass hit on “Life Story”. Quite literal with the title the song evolves in subtle ways. For the arrangement he bring a contemporary hit of hip-hop. Elements of the sound have a glitch aspect meets old school sampling. Merging the two aspects together the song feels of this very moment and nostalgic together. His atmosphere explores faith, a desire to believe in oneself. The sense of wanting to open up with others becomes a point of conflict, giving the work a bit of tension. With “Not Real Love” he takes on what cheating does to the other partner, the one who remained faithful. Over the course of the piece the details of this betrayal become apparent. Quite pained in a way and garnering a degree of empathy the track unfurls to have a sense of clarity, of bringing the background into view.

“The Dark Album Truth & Lies” shows off MZ RYME’s uncanny ability to create an entire worldview that feels universal, honest, and real.

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