Steeped in a deep nostalgia, Graffiti Welfare’s “Volume” stuns with its acute attention to detail. A mixture of synth-pop, rock, and dance, there is a grandeur to the way that the piece creates a sense of longing. The color infused within the arrangement gives it a neon-glow to it. LyricsContinue Reading

rachett shotty ft young kazh latest video bc slime out of vancouver bc spent most my 20s in jail writting raps got out started following my dreams changing my lifestyle with music and trying to feed my 2 kids off my dreams of music singel father staying on theContinue Reading

C-ZO STR8 Outta The Crossroads Of America! ‘Hated By Many Loved By Few’ C-ZO · HEAVY STR8 Outta The Crossroads Of America! ‘Hated By Many Loved By Few’ #CEZOMUSIC #RECORDS STREAMING EVERYWHERE! CONTACT: LISTEN | LIKE | COMMENT | REPOST | FOLLOW

@SOPHIALFA @SOPHIALFA incorporates a vast number of styles on her lively sound creating an aural universe that is distinctly her own. A whole gamut of genres comes into focus, from dance, pop, dub, house, hip-hop, and too many more to mention. Her history proves essential within the sound. From MassachusettsContinue Reading

I’m On The Clock by Flamingo Fred “Im On The Clock”, is an instant slapper. Flamingo Fred expounds on what it takes when “working” or “getting paid”, and how that ladders up to achievements towards your goals Link: Social Media

I go by RiLLA. From the Westend of Louisville Kentucky. This song is about the lifestyle of my environment. HateMe_NHD! Kant Ply It Koo Records!! Welllll! RiLLA! This Is Da Real Me! Y’all Ain’t Gotta Feel Me! But Y’all Gotta Deal With Me! HTTPS://

Artist Name: YME! Ymkje de Bijl aka YME! is an independent artist from The Netherlands. She is at a very young age diagnosed with autism. YME! is the daughter of Esther de Bijl aka E-Starr, she is known as the female vocalist of the 80’s Hit group Ottawan with hitsContinue Reading