@SOPHIALFA incorporates a vast number of styles on her lively sound creating an aural universe that is distinctly her own. A whole gamut of genres comes into focus, from dance, pop, dub, house, hip-hop, and too many more to mention. Her history proves essential within the sound. From Massachusetts and living in Hawaii, the resulting blend has something tropical yet also rooted within long nights dancing to blaring techno in warehouses. By blending these two elements together she takes the best of both worlds transforming them into something greater than the sum of their parts. Perhaps best of all are the vocals that she delivers with a degree of poise.

A lot of different artists are channeled through her unique sound. For the vocals themselves a bit of Beyonce’s approach makes its presence felt. Like her, @SOPHIALFA too has a truly dominant personality one completely invigorating to behold. On the deep house side of things, elements of Kerri Chandler enter into the equation. Much like his usage of rather sophisticated chord structures, hers too feels thoughtful yet infinitely catchy. Beats too present their own unwieldly presence, for they bring both Daft Punk’s rampant energy alongside LFO’s creative experimentation. Though even with all of these elements the sound remains distinct, truly her own. Verses too reflect upon a sense of personal development, the pratfalls of trying to navigate relationships.

This demands to be played loud, way loud. Up to the levels of volume that disorient a person. Her production prowess proves to be flawless for the track veer wildly from side to side. Like the best of house music, there is a desire to escape. As DJ Sprinkles once said, the thing about house is it is a refuge from whatever it is you are escaping from. By this standard then she succeeds for it is easy to get lost within the many different vibrant hues of the sound. With a whole rainbow of different tactics, these range from late-night almost after the rave sort of vibes to that beginning of getting the party started featuring intense sharp bursts of energy. Ultimately whatever mode she is working in she makes sure to handle it with tremendous skill. Thanks in large part to the hypnotic trance-like state she explores with gusto, her pieces quite literally do transport the listener to an entirely different world.

Everything about @SOPHIALFA’s sound is something that celebrates community.

So tell us, what influences have helped shape your music?

My music is a reflection of my journey and experience as a whole. I would say being open-minded and going out of my way to experience life helps influence my work and where it takes me. I write best when I’m hurt, but I don’t allow myself to get in that position often, so it’s interesting what comes from that duality in me. In my 22 years of this life, I’ve already done a lot to be proud of. I’m blessed to have been to the places I’ve been and see the things I’ve seen.

A lot of determination, healing, and being creative has helped shape my music most.

Who are your favorite current artists?

I honestly haven’t been listening to a lot of different artists like I normally would, and when I do it’s always a variety of creators. I’d have to say in the last few months I consistently play myself, LIRI, CHOIBOI, and Neemz who are all from home: Massachusetts.

Do you have any live shows/tours coming up?

None that I’m headlining, but where I live in Hawai’i is really cool because there’s opportunity to perform live everywhere I turn my head. I’m still coming into my voice and singing outside of recording, aka publicly, but as a natural performer, I laugh at myself because I act like I won’t go on a stage and own it. I will deny my ability to do it all the way until the music’s on and there’s a microphone in my hand.. !

Your lyrics really spoke out to me, are there any special meanings behind them?

I appreciate that! Mostly because it shows you truly listened! I consider myself a songwriter first, and like to say I just so happen to be able to sing and rap. I’m really grateful for that. It seems I’ve found the best way to express myself. I could cry! Lol.

I’ve begun to call my lyrics “intuitive” because over ¾ of my songs essentially wrote themselves. A chunk of my published work is mostly a freestyle. I generally aim to speak positively, show emotional intelligence and put words out that I would want to have on repeat, y’know?

What are your upcoming plans as an artist?

This upcoming Summer I’m doing a mini “tour” of mainland U.S.

So far my confirmed dates and locations are:

San Jose, California May 7-12

Los Angeles, California May 12-27

Grand Junction, Colorado May 28-June 8

Norcross/Atlanta, Georgia June 8 – June 15

Boston, Massachusetts June 15-June 31st

Ft Lauderdale/Miami, Florida July – July 30

New York City, New York late August

I’ll be working with friends who are artists and engineers and just creating and putting in work. It’s Summer for me, meaning no school… so I’m gonna be going off!

What’s your favorite song you have released and why?

My favorite song that’s publicly released has to be tied with WHAT U WANTED , and Before I Rest in Peace. These two have me raw. BRIP was me shedding, a testimony from my teenager-self and current-self.

In WHAT U WANTED , I’m talking to myself because I honestly listen to my work often. An artist asked me how I know when my songs are done, and I answered “when I can’t stop playing them”.

I also remember the feeling I had in the studio when I was singing that high. What you hear is the first take, when I tried out my lyrics and ran with it.. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Any advice you can pass down to musicians just starting?

Believe in yourself… Be your #1 fan… Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially for the small things!

And always enjoy yourself, it’s your life and your story.

Crazy thing about your life is you get to write it, just like music 🙂

When it comes time to write a new album or EP, does the music come first and then the lyrics or vice versa?

It’s always been different, at least so far. My first project (S.O.S.) and first written song (MY DREAMS KEEP ME UP @ NIGHT) happened when I wrote a song in the form of journaling, then finding a beat it could lyrically work with and more beats by the same producer to buy so I could get the bundle deal…. So it was beat first, melody and lyrics second.

For FULL CIRCLE, it was all lyrics first, beat second. PRINCESS & THE FROG and BRAND NEW ft. MOOR UA DA SLIME are pure freestyles, and tracks 4 through 7 were song lyrics that just needed a beat. Like I said before, I believe in using everything I already have, so at the time I had five beats from a local producer; swimjones, and I tested how my lyrics could be arranged onto these beats I had sitting in my files. I probably had his beats on my phone for the better half of a year before I put any lyrics on them… but before I knew it, I already had an album’s worth of songs.

How long before you’re back in the studio working on your next project?
Good question.. I just released a 14-track mixtape on 2-22-2022 and plan to promote it until after I graduate college in the Spring of 2023. Because of this, I’m not so focused on the next drop or song. I’ll be recording and writing this summer when I’m in LA and Atlanta, and the tracks that come from it will most definitely be included in a drop, because I believe in using all of the tracks I make, including the OGs I did when I first started making my own music.

Do you think physical music is dying and eventually we will transition into an all digital world?

The last time I got a CD was in 2017, and it was because it was a signed copy from a meet & greet. I’ll admit the CD came in handy when my car radio was wack / I didn’t have AUX available, but other than that I had no need for it. It could play out that CDs become “vintage” and that’ll keep their sales up, but as a child of the digital age, I think soon our music will all be digital first and CD second. Radio stations may benefit most from CDs but I wouldn’t think they’re going further than that.

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